Update November 2020

Coronavirus cases are still rising. So we have made the decision to move our Backyard Classes over to the Clay Tennis Courts. 


This area is wide open and spacious and we are grateful to our BIrchwood Tennis Family for making this space available. 


We may have to make some small changes in our schedule, but please remember this is temporary and we will defer to the Tennis schedule as a priority.


1.  Masks are required anytime you enter the tennis building through the main lobby and throughout the building.

2.  Some classes will be accessible through the side entrance.

3.  When possible, please use the locker facilities at the fitness center instead of the tennis center.

4.  Please keep the noise level down as people prefer quiet when they are playing tennis.

5.  Our equipment gets pretty dirty as it is on the clay court, but we will always disinfect it after every use.  We also will have disinfectant available for you to spray equipment before you use it.    There will be hand sanitizer available as well.

6.  Please reserve your space using the scheduler below.  If you fail to cancel online or continuously no-show, you may be blocked from reserving space for future classes.

We are currently closed and will reopen Mon. 1/4/21
Birchwood Fitness On The Courts