A Treadmill Workout That Won't Bore You!

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

For anyone with cardio equipment at home, don't fall asleep using it. Here is what I'm doing today. Treadmill: 3 min on mild incline (L3) 2 min on more incline (L4) 1.5 min on steeper incline (L5) 1.5 min sprint (L1) Recover 1-1.5 min 3 min on steep incline (L5) 2 min on less incline (L4) 1.5 min on mild incline (L3) 1.5 min Sprint (L1) Recover 1-1.5 min


If you do this segment twice you'll be done in 36 min and will have burned approx. 450-650 cals. depending on your pace.

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